Well I have shifted from Wordpress to Squarespace. I'm not sure how it's going to work out for me yet but I didn't like my old host because I had an awful lot of down time. Not sure that's why I stopped writing, but it was a problem for me. There's some stuff that still doesn't work right here but I'm working on it. There will be some re-arranging and some new things I'll be trying, especially posting more of my fiction. We'll see how it goes, meanwhile, welcome to life Outside the Comfort Bubble.

My Blog used to be entitled The Hole on the End of the Bible Belt. I didn't change it because I was out of topics to discuss that met my criteria for inclusion, but rather because of my taking a job somewhere other than in the Bible Belt of the US. Almost a half world away in fact. In an active combat zone. Where Americans are targets, ignorance is rampant, yet good people still exist in large numbers. And a new promise is constantly on the horizon. For a better explanation of why I changed the name, see my post Blog Transitioned.

So I re-named my blog A Year Without Wearing a Tie. Then my year ended. Sixteen months later, though  I actually brought a tie back after my last trip home for a job interview. It was more than a year since I had worn a tie. It wasn't a video interview, it was telephonic but it just wouldn't seem right to have an interview without wearing one. It worked because I got the job and came back to the Hole on the End of the Bible Belt. By then I had stopped writing though, see post from when I started back.

After a while with my writing still not picked up I had another telephonic interview for another job. Really the same job, but in a different place. Not the Bible Belt, not the Sand Box, but Europe. This time I wore pajamas for the interview. Still got the job. So I moved, again. A real challenging move, and I realized it was time to re-name the blog, again. To something that more matched what I was doing, a life Outside the Comfort Bubble. But somehow my blogging had changed to mostly just travels and odd thoughts.

I do still write, and dabble in modifying my website. Here recently I have added some of my fiction. There are links at the bottom of the page to some short stories and some works in progress, plus there is always a link to my finished allegorical novella, If. I would love to hear your thoughts on any of my work. Maybe I'm a young Faulkner, maybe not, maybe I just shout into the winds of a hurricane and remain a legend in my ow mind. You don't have to tell me the answer to that sentence, I think we both know the answer.

It may be that I'm too attached to the website name to try something new. Maybe I've re-named and shifted by blog too many times and it's time to start over. Or maybe I've just been too busy growing and becoming who I should be. Whatever it is, I'm still up for the ride. Let's see where we head to next.