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I still strive to include my faith in all that I do, especially my writing. When I’m not writing, I am a husband, father to 3 girls, and a civil engineer.

Some folk march to the sound of a different drummer, I skip to the sound of a separate symphony. I'm comfortable in a tie. However, I have left behind the comfortable clothes and atmosphere that has become my world and stepped into another phase.

A Year Without Wearing a Tie has begun.


It's weird that in an endeavour I entered with the intent of documenting as much as I could that I have fallen off so badly as to not keep up with it. Not that that has anything to do with the title of this entry. I'm listening to the one studio cut The Frequently made, Falling. I just returned from giving one of my guys a ride to the passenger terminal where he's headed back up to Herat and on the way back I saw a female Specialist standing on the side of the road with a long rifle (there are still M16s over here, but most have M4s and I didn't stare long enough to identify the difference), waiting on a bus. It brought to mind an incident back in July when I was walking down the opposite side of the street from another female Specialist « Continue »


So my beard may be getting a little on the full side. I’m again starting to look a little like Yukon Jack (the handlebars help of course). At the Boardwalk two nights ago when I ordered a pepperoni pizza the cashier said, with a serious face, “Our pepperoni has pork in it.” As you may […]



At some point in my not too distant past my Dad stopped playing Mercy with me. The game where you lock hands and attempt to twist your opponents hand in such a way that it causes him to writhe in agony until he calls uncle, or mercy. It may have been just before I joined […]



It’s hard not to like Louis Armstrong, but someone shared a quote yesterday that was another plain, clean, simple explanation of why: “Man, if you gotta ask you’ll never know.” -Louis Satchmo Armstrong


Washington’s Birthday

I emailed this to my sister, and then remembered it’s been several years since I posted anything like this on my blog, so maybe it’s overdue.   It’s not President’s Day! It’s Washington’s Birthday!!!!! President’s Day is a sale, Washington’s Birthday is a holiday. Congress named it Washington’s Birthday and NEVER re-named it. We stopped […]