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Where'd Who Go?

Despite the fact that it appears I have forgotten about this site, I have not. It has pained me to not blog, not because I feel compelled to share my every story with the world at large, but because I haven't been writing. At all. When I began my split-personality life last August I had reached a point where I was writing either in my work in progress or on my blog. More often than not it was on my blog. The real reason for this is that what I do for a living had gotten boring, mundane, and easy to manage in short blocks of time. Comfortable. Still fun, still made me smile, but it didn't take much brain power on a regular basis. I (very incorrectly) thought that by having time before or after work by myself that I would be able to write even more. There would be no distractions.

It did not take long into my split to realize that that was simply not the case. I was drinking from a fire hydrant at work not only learning a new project inside and out but also a new office, new personnel, and how to do my boss's job so that when if he ever retires (date has changed 9 times now, 6 of which have passed) I would be in the catbird seat to get his job. It isn't that I mind this, I told him I would tell him when I was overwhelmed, but it has caused my writing to suffer.

I again began to look forward to the time that my family and I would be reunited on a regular basis. As I have mentioned repeatedly, no one understands just how important it is to me to be able to crawl into bed with my wife at the end of the night. This event happened just before Memorial Day. We bought a house much closer to work and moved in. Then split-personality life 3 kicked in.

After 2 weeks in the house I had to go to San Diego for 2 weeks. Then after 2 weeks at home I had to go to Huntsville for 2 weeks. After another 2 weeks (this week and next week) I have to go to yet another training class, this one much closer to home and I'll be able to bring my family with me. So quick recap, I've owned the home 8 weeks, been here 4, by the time I hit 12 weeks of ownership I'll have been here 6 weeks. My in-laws have spent almost as much time as I have in the home and as of today I have finally spent more time in the house then my oldest daughter's boyfriend (long story there). I'll finish my marathon training schedule not long after the anniversary of my split-personality life beginning and then things will get back to normal.

As Mike Warnke used to say, weirdness is a relative state. For proof let me show you my relatives. Weird is only weird around normal people. A normal person around a group of weird people makes the normal person the weirdo. It is the same with life. My life is not going to be back to normal. There is always another milestone. There is always something else. I cannot wait for normalcy to return. I can only embrace the change and get on with it.

Meanwhile I continue to go. If you see me whiz by, stop me and hold me until I can catch up to myself.


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