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Veteran's Day

In the last two weeks I've found myself so busy that even my busy explanation needs explaining. Maybe I should just simplify since that would take less time to communicate. And yes, even though it would take me time to come up with a simpler explanation in the long run this would save time but I'm just ecstatic about saying that I'm so busy I don't know if I lost a horse or found a rope. Anyway, a week before Veteran's Day I passed some folks from the Disabled Vets of America passing out imitation forget-me-nots and as a disabled vet I stopped to talk to them. As I've mentioned before, I am proud to be a disabled vet but feel ashamed when someone thanks me for my service. I feel that we should be really thank those who deployed. I served between the two Gulf Wars and the one time my unit completely deployed they didn't take the Field Artillery battery (which yes means they didn't fully deploy). I thanked them for their service and mentioned that to them. The gentleman I spoke with corrected me for my attitude. He thanked me and said that my generation had a choice, his generation were told to go. As hard as I try to think outside the box and be unconventional, sometimes my thinking is still one-dimensional and flat.

Regardless, I hope you had a good Veteran's Day and even though it has now passed thank the next veteran you see. Let them know you appreciate their effort whether it was voluntary or involuntary.


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