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Third Choice In a Two Sided Argument

Why do people insist that Creationism and Evolution are mutually exculsive theories? And I'm not talking about the full-blown explanation of evolution, just the main tenets, the principles on which all the arguments are based. I still have never seen, read or experienced anything, anywhere that shows that the two cannot co-exist. I base all the confusion on 2 unrelated flawed thoughts, one scientific and one religious. The flawed thoughts can be used for numerous different arguments, but certainly explain the point I'm trying to bring out here.

The Christian Flawed Thought is to think that God did not create science or the principles and techniques associated with science. Just because something can be proven does not mean it is not of God.

The Scientific Flawed Thought is that because something can be proven means it is not of God and there is no God. Science cannot explain away God, but Christianity cannot explain away science.

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