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The Frequently's Latest

Last week the city of Huntsville was the luckiest city in the Southeast, heck US, because it was treated to the first official unveiling of The Frequently's latest collaboration, Promises.

 I shrank the size of the embedded video to fit the blog page, but recommend not only viewing full screen, but turning up the volume and listening to the lyrics.

Jones describes the band, Liz describes the song, based on true events. The truest beauty of it is that the subject is not what you could easily infer from watching the video. It works on multiple levels. I cannot tell you how proud that makes me of both Liz and my son from a different father Jones.

It is another hauntingly addictive, powerful song.


Update: The attempt to play on "brother from another mother" didn't work so well when I just re-read it. Jones is my son from a different father AND mother. The difference is subtle but one my wife will point out as soon as anyone else we know sees it. 

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