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The Frequently at the Bottetree Cafe

Last Thursday, The Frequently performed again at the Bottletree Cafe in Birmingham, Alabama. The Bottletree is the home of the Alabama Public Television series We Have Signal, though they were not performing for that show (yet?). This was a CD release party for the band I Am, We Are. The best I can tell, the 2 bands were "introduced" to one another at their last Bottletree Cafe performance in November which occasioned the invitation to perform. This is a rare Frequently cover song. Most of what they perform (except when requested at parties) are Frequently originals. They often will switch up who is playing/singing and even from time to time switch instruments. This song is just my super-talented middle child (Dizi Lizi) singing with Jones. The audio is not as good as it was in the cafe but that is a source limitation of the recording device.

When I tell people of the band they ask me what kind of music they play. Their genre is Unclassified. This is a song that Lizi wrote the lyrics for then Jones added music. They've only been working on it about a week. Unlike the rest of these clips, I didn't record this one. My audio got really messed up when Jones changes his tune. Unless I miss my guess, this song was filmed by the Manager/Road Manager/Driver of the band.

This is my favorite Frequently song Listen To Me. They didn't play it Thursday, but this was from their November show at the Bottletree.

And while this is only an exert, what Frequently performance would not be complete without the song that got them performing in their currently configuration? Outta My Mind.

And for those that aren't familiar with it, here is the complete Outta My Mind from their Bottletree Cafe performance back in November.

Thanks to the Willinghams for giving my girl the chance to do this, and to the Bottletree Cafe ( for giving The Frequently the chance to play. There are more than just a few parents looking forward to the next performance.


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