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Still Searchking

Found a bookstore in California, MD!

Except that it's in Leonardtown. But the bookstore, oh my goodness. This book store was one of those incense smelling havens of old, lost, yellowed, hard to find books. Books upon books, upon books, with books shoved in between, over, and behind books.

I could have spent hours in there. The reality of it was that the store closed about 5 minutes after I entered and the owner was to kind to kick me out. It was a treasure trove of books. I saw many books that I own, owned, or that my father owned including many that we had to throw out after Katrina due to water damage. In one corner I saw several shelves full of original printings of what amounted to all of Balzac's works. They were not in the best of shape, and despite my desire to touch them I didn't. The reverence of the shelf was of the kind that only a true lover of literature and history could sense.

My perusal of the store was only a skimming of about half the facility, and he didn't have the Stephen King book I was looking for (he did have other King books) but he is going to order it for me so I can get it on my return. Sunday. I found a bastion of civility and literature in a sea of tumultuous rocks and am returning on Sunday. Yes, it absolutely matches up with this morning's post. It so well fits the metaphor of yesterday it isn't even funny.

The harder you seek, the more you will find.



Side note, since California, MD is next to Hollywood, MD, does that mean that Leonardtown was named after the still classified first five parts of Leonard? Bad Bill Cosby joke most won't get.

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