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Spoke too Soon

Yesterday's post was way too early, because last night I saw this link to an article about a bill passed by one of the houses of Mississippi's legislature. I am American by birth and Southern by the Grace of God. I love our deep-seeded (and deep-seated) history of state rights. It IS after all Constitutional by the 10th Amendment. However, this makes me say WTallcapitallettersF! Affirming your right to eat 20 Big Macs? It annoys me when people assume that Southern states are stupid, slow, or behind on things. Chris Rock once said the only thing worse than Spike Lee is Spike Lee when he's right. Similar situation here. At least this article is a farce.

Well, I still have hope in the Senate side of the legislature. I'm sure they'll add the proviso that ordering over 15 Big Macs will require the purchase of a Diet Coke.


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