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Snail Mail Email Finally

My blog has been quiet the last few weeks. Again this irony is not because I have had nothing to say but because I have simply not had time to say it. My split-personality life has been keeping me running in circles. This morning I am simply taking advantage of the fact that I am not sleeping well with lots on my mind. Just before my long break, I had a conversation with a fellow writer and blogger Jeff Goins. In addition to encouragement, help and ideas, he suggested a method I could use to distribute my novella. For many months I have intended to give away my work for subscribers to The Hole on the End of the Bible Belt. Now I finally can. If you click on the link at the bottom of the post you will be sent information on how to download a pdf file of If: An Allegory. There is also a similar link on the bottom of the post in the RSS feed. 

I am pleased to be able to provide this work for your reading pleasure and review. Comments are encouraged, and if you are interested afterwards, I have a second file composed of the hidden symbolism and metaphors in the work. 

Fiction writing authors have to blog differently than non-fiction authors. A fact that I have been coming to terms with and that Jeff helped hammer home. The next few weeks and months will bring some changes to the way I post here. The topic of Providence will remain, but the manner it is delivered will differ. I hope we both enjoy it more.

And thank you for subscribing. Your enjoyment and engagement are the desires I have of this blog.


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