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In fact, especially if no one else agrees with him


Back when I first attended college and neglected to actually pay attention to my academic career I ran out of money and dropped out. My wife and I got married, and I joined the Army. I did this for 2 reasons. The first is that I had always wanted to be in the Corps of Engineers. Even longer than I wanted to be an engineer,  I wanted to be in the Corps. The second reason is that my whole life I had insulted Air Force personnel, it was just something that native Biloxians did. Even at the tender age of 20 I had to stand up to what I had been preaching albeit it a stupid thing to stand up for. As I was driving to work this morning I had the top down on my car. I do this each morning and afternoon until I get to the interstate. Even before I could drive I would see people who owned convertibles driving down the road with their tops up and thought that was dumb. What is the point of buying a convertible if you're just going to drive around like everyone without a removable top. I stand by this thought, albeit as dumb as the first. Perhaps dumber, since it was 53 degrees Fahrenheit this morning and I had on a jacket with the heater going.

I am not an apologist. I have read several apologetics, but for the most part when I do read them it only cements my decision, my faith, and my resolve that I am making the right choice in my steadfast belief in God. Several posts to this blog concerning evolution versus creationism are written with the preface that they are not intended to be read (or dissected) by someone who does not have similar beliefs in God in particular but Christianity in general. It is too easy to dive off into the apologetic arguments surrounding religion rather than the intended topic.

Do these two things have a common thread? Is my desire to be a believing and practicing Christian follower of God by non-desire to be an apologist ready to convince any agnostic or atheistic people in my presence as stupid as the desire to not join the service I had insulted because I followed those around me or the fact that I was cold simply to not be one of those idiots? In keeping from being an idiot, have I become a moron?



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