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Playing the Right Cards

Last Saturday I attended a college football game and pondered some thoughts which I loosely composed into a post, but the events of the week kept me from finishing that post. However, last night, after watching Game 6 of the World Series I had to post these thoughts. For as long as I can remember I have rooted for the American League team in the World Series. Notable exceptions were when the Boys of September (Braves) played and 2001 when the whole world seemed to be rooting for the Yankees I instead went for the Diamondbacks. My pre-series prediction last week was the Rangers in 6 or the Cardinals in 7, now I'm hoping I was wrong. I have never been a fan of "this time it counts" making the home field advantage go to the winner of the All-Star game IF the series goes to 7, and this is a perfect example of why. Simultaneously it is a perfect example of why it should motivate the teams to win but that's not the point of the post.

Last night, the Rangers were poised to win it all. They were 1 pitch away in the 9th and 10th innings (twice in the 10th even) one single strike in either of those innings and the Rangers nee the Senators would have their first ever World Series Championship. Both times the rail of the Rangers' dugout was lined with players, poised to hope over the rail and create a dogpile on their pitcher in celebration. At the end of the 11th, they had gone from nearly winning it all to having lost and needing to play all over again.

In our own lives we line the rails waiting for that final event that will signal the victory over all. As Christians, we will get that vindication, but if we view the world in the humanist eyes that the world views it in we will lose every time. There can be no victory in the eyes of the world, our prize lies in eternity. Our eternal celebration will exceed the Cardinals' celebration and our mortal bodies will go the way of Freese's jersey--shredded and gone but not missed one bit.


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