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Pineapple Upside Down

Jello is a strange substance. Especially when you add fruit. Most fruit can be added without trouble. But on occasion you try to add pineapple.

Pineapple is a wonderful fruit. It is part of the reason the United States has Hawaii as a state, and it always gives an air of sunshine and freshness. But it doesn't always mix well with Jello.

The instructions say to allow the Jello to congeal a bit before adding. Obviously you can't wait too long or the fruit will never sink in, to early and it will simply sit on the bottom and not be surrounded by the Jello. If the pineapple has too much acid the Jello never gels around it.

No matter how long the pineapple sits, the acid won't allow the chemical change to occur. Other fruit can be added later. The other fruit may congeal completely becoming one with the mass of Jello inseparable from the Jello, yet the pineapple still remains.

There's geologic time, man's time, New York minutes, and time for Jello to finish. When you turn the Jello on its side it jiggles. The fruit jiggles, but the pineapple falls out. Right now, the Jello is on its side and the pineapple is Falling. Despite a decade in Jello time, it never fit in, it didn't become a part, and now it is gone. No longer causing a problem to the Jello's chemical reactions, no longer trying to fit in, no longer being stung by the "pain" of not being supported, loved, and held on to by the Jello.

No, it's not a story about desert. The pineapple is gone and I never even sat in the Karmic Christmas Gift.


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