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Paying More for Having to Do More

Recently I shifted my blog from a WordPress hosted blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog. I like the format of the WP interface, as well as the features, but there were some items that just didn't work on a WP hosted site. Among them are Google Analytics and Disqus. I'm still not sure I'm using Google Analytics to the full power. In fact, it actually was a bit disenheartening when I compared the numbers directly to the WP Site Stats. The latter showed webpage hits totalled, the former shows exactly how many visitors in addition to how many pages were viewed. The number of pages viewed was shown as visits on the WP site, making me think I had more visitors.

Disqus is something that I have used on other blogs for the comments. I like the way that it tracks who says things and keeps the subsequent comments linked to the first comment. No one has provided any feedback on it, so if you have a thought about it feel free to share it on Disqus at the end of the blog.

There are still a few things missing from this website. One is the feature to subscribe my email. I'm not sure I have it properly registering the FeedBurner hits for feed subscribers either. This was another important aspect considered in my move because I am preparing an e-book version of my novella for distribution to subscribers. I intend to send it to those already subscribed as well as to those who subscribe in the future.

One thing I miss from my WordPress hosted blog is that my self-hosted WP blog does not suggest tags or photos for the posts. This has been particularly difficult for me, and several times I have either posted without tags and photos or had to go back later and add them. I try to post from my iPhone, but it really doesn't work well to edit a post from there.

The thing I believe I miss the most dearly is that it does not automatically share the post when scheduled. I can schedule the post, but then have to go and share it manually.

One other thing that has me scratching my head is the number of viewers I still get on my old blog site. I have twice posted on there about the new site and even tried to encourage them to visit here because the content is newer and up to date. Really not sure what else I can do to get them here instead of there.

Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, but it just seems to me that someone else has had these issues and overcome them. So, here's my question: Does anyone have an easy answer to my problems? I would think that there should be a plug-in for one or two (or all) of these matters.

Can you suggest something or help me with these issues? Add your voice to the discussion below.



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