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Odd Bible Stories

I've been taking a break from blogging to put in more time on my current work in progress. It's getting near the end and I'm anxious to start editing it but won't allow myself to until it's finished. Today I thought I might just clear out a few snippets of post ideas I have hanging around in Evernote. The Bible is full of stories that tell of the way things were, but are often misinterpreted.

There are lots of sports written about in the Old Testament. Baseball was huge from the start, the whole book started with "In the Big inning. . ." But let's not forget about tennis because David served in Saul's courts.

A lot of people wonder what Daniel did while being punished. Or course he was reading in the den, reading between the lions.

One of the most important things is that the foreign cars were much bigger back then, because of course, all the apostles were in one Accord.



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