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Now in Mississippi Flavor

Last Saturday the long-awaited packet arrived. Not that I knew until Sunday when I went to get the paper, but it arrived Saturday. Since I moved my work location to Mississippi in August I have actively intended to earn my Mississippi license. In December things slowed down enough that I could actually fill out and send in the forms. So since December I have been actively waiting to hear back from the Board. They answered Saturday.

Originally I had intended that the third thing I would do after achieving my Professional Engineer license in Alabama would be to apply in MS. First was to tell Ginger, second my Dad. Ginger actually told me so my timing was a little off--not that I minded. Exactly one week later I was again between economic opportunities so there were more pressing things to take care of. It slipped a little, about 5 years actually.

So, now I not only live in the Mississippi Territory owning a house in Alabama and working in Mississippi, but I am licensed to practice engineering in all of the Mississippi Territory--not just the "backwoods half" as the residents of the then capital Natchez called it in 1817.

Jonathan Byrd, Professional Engineer, now available in Mississippi flavor.


Update: I stopped paying my dues in Mississippi so I'm now back to only being licensed in Alabama.

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