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No surprise, I follow lots of blogs. About 42 to be precise (yes, it is literally 42, not a rounded off number to match my favorite 2 digit number). It isn't a huge number. There are people I follow who follow lots more, but I find it interesting that occasionally I find a pattern in the posts. Perhaps it is because I tend to find one blog from the other blog, maybe there's something in the air, oftentimes I find myself waxing eloquent about the same subjects albeit not always in blog form.

And for those who don't know me, yeah, I talk that way, too. I'm not putting on airs on my blog, it is all, 100%, unfiltered me. I get in moods, my writing gets into moods, here's a new one.

Several blogs I've been reading have been beating around the bush to say, "Quit writing and write!" To be fair, they aren't beating around the bush, I'm just getting to the heart of it. There's no time to pretty it up, cut to the quick now.

So the thing is, I started blogging and following blogs to learn how to be a better writer, to build my platform so that when I finish my current work in progress I can go to an agent or publisher and say, "Look at me, I have a ready-made audience small though it is." So when these blogs I follow seem to get a theme (to me) of quit following blogs and worrying about what's in your social media, just write, it makes me think that I haven't written nearly as much on my novel as I have on my blog since I started blogging. So, they have a point.

It is a Catch-22 though. I've noticed that when I blog and join the conversation on other blogs it drives up the traffic on my blog. I have now tried posting and not commenting on other blogs, posting and commenting on other blogs, commenting without posting. What little I know, I know; it takes both. But I have to do something for me. I have to write, for me.

I'm not going far, or for long. I tried to put a few posts in the queue before I stopped. I know I promised another Favorite Arthur post (if you missed the pun, you missed the first post) as well as the next installment of Flawed Thoughts. Ultimately though, those things will come after I've done something for me. It won't be long before I'm back, you may not realize I left.

I need 2 things from you, though. First off, I need to know what you want when I blog again. Leave me a comment or drop me an email. Second, and most important, I need the bloggers I follow to not post any particularly juicy posts that I have to read until my return. And failing the second, just do the first.


~~~~~~~~~~~ Update: Fixed another comma splice (where do they come from), added a ), and I also now follow another blog, but if you don't count my own I"m still just at 42.

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