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Where the heart is
Where the heart is

I often wonder when I write if anyone gets the hidden underlying messages. Sometimes I know they're obvious like the allusion at the end of Freedom, other times not so much like my recent posts talking on Robert's Rules of Order. Even in my non-blog writing I wonder. Not just my fiction works, but emails at work or to friends, are my hidden meanings too hidden. I have previously said that I often mean 2 things with what I speak, but only when I can't mean three. Another thing I often say is that I entertain the heck out of myself because I know sometimes I am the only one who gets it. A technique, a low-tech technique, I sometimes use is to actually spell it out. I wrote perhaps my only literary poem to my wife describing how much I love her. I used ironic metaphors in the first stanza, then explained the metaphors with a single word in the second which in turn was trying to cement the complete circuitous manner that I have of loving her. My Jonah allegory is novella length, and as I wrote I kept track of the major points hidden in it. The main themes were explained in the work, but the little things like naming a hotel after the preacher that baptized me, and several references to my current preacher that was the reason I was so consumed by Jonah in the first place. It also tracks a few of the pop culture references I included, things that did not need to be explicitly mentioned in the work. In my current work in progress there are many more deeply seated (or it could be deeply seeded) ideas underlying the work. So deep that if I don't spell them out they could be missed, yet they are the very point of the work.

A few days ago I "opened" my self-hosted WordPress Blog on this site. It corresponds with a giant personal move as well. One I am not really looking forward to that will involve uprooting my family from the place we've called home for the longest time we've ever had a place we can call home. We're headed to the place I used to call home (or thereabouts). Incredibly to me, I read just this morning another blog on the subject of going home that screams of deeply hidden points to me. One of the most unobvious is the fact that the picture on the header of the blog is a perpendicular shot near the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen in my life.

I have moved, I will be moving, I have been moved. Have you?

Tell me in the comments of a time you have moved, where you are moving, or what has moved you. 

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