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In fact, especially if no one else agrees with him

Listen To Me

This is a video I uploaded to Facebook. It is The Frequently singing an original song. Words by my daughter, music by Jones. They have been singing and performing for about six months and have written several songs. This one in particular I find to be a hauntingly sticky song that I hum for weeks after they sing it.  

Having said all that, let's see if it works. The audio is a little less than perfect for several reasons, mostly because I was videotaping it, this was the first song of the set and I had neither found the right place to film from nor had all the board set up right. We also had a grounding problem that caused them to get shocks from the microphones and couldn't run the guitars through the board. But if you take out the technical problems the Dad/Roadies fought over, the music is good. Especially for 12 (and one 11) year olds.




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