Byrdmouse is a devoted husband and father that says what's on his mind even if no one else agrees with him.

In fact, especially if no one else agrees with him

JFK said it

No matter what your political preference, get out and vote. No matter who you choose, get out and vote. No matter if you choose to not even select a candidate but turn in an empty ballot, get out and vote. It's a dumb rule, but it's my dumb rule: If you don't vote, you can't complain about the knuckleheads in charge.

If the video doesn't come in right in either the RSS feed or the email, go online and watch it. It only takes a minute. And while I normally include things in order to get you to read something else into my message, don't read anything in to the fact that I selected not only a Democrat but the Democrat that to me symbolizes the complete switch of the Democratic Party to the left side of the aisle.


Veteran's Day