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I Don't Know How She Does It

A few weeks ago someone was flipping the channels on the television and stopped on Biloxi Blues. A movie from 1988 with Ferris Bueller Matthew Broderick in it. Having been a decade (or so) since I'd seen it I suggested we stop. The scene was the mess hall scene where Christopher Walken was telling the recruits that they had to eat everything on their plates. Ferris tried to explain that he was an El Malaguena Jew and was in a week of fasting. Christopher said he had an "All Religions Calendar" in his room and that he better never pull that mess again. After the scene switched I began rolling on the floor laughing at the next scene when the platoon is marching through the swamp. Someone asked what el malaguena meant, so we Googled it (what did we do before Google, I mean we never Yahooed it) and discovered that it was a type of music in a very flamenco style. What cracked me up on the swamp march was the incidental music--in traditional el malaguena style.

Not very notable (hence the fact that I waited this long before I posted it), but in the interim I watched Ferris Bueller's wife (to whom I normally refer to as "the ugly chick married to Ferris Bueller) in a movie, perhaps the best Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker movie I have ever seen, I Don't Know How She Does It. In it she has no problems resisting the flirtatious wiles of Remington Steele James Bond Pierce Brosnan. One part left unmentioned in the movie was how he would come to think of her as a possible love interest to begin with, but that is one that I get. Greg Kinnear is the luckiest man in the world, and Pierce is attracted to her because of her ability to simply get things done.

My beautiful young bride is also an overworked taskmaster such as Sarah's character in the movie. Her Facebook Profile mentions that she is a travel guru at running up and down hotel hallways and jumping on hotel room beds. I suspect that's a Facebook standard line, and it doesn't do her justice but it gets you headed in the right direction. She juggles more tasks than I do, is a full-time mother to two teenagers and a toddler, plus works a part-time job, plus is trying to fix up and clean up our house so we can put it on the market, plus every other thing she does. Her ability to do all she does makes her beautiful and desirable to me. Not because I have something I want to get done, and not because I have something I want from her, just because I love her.


And in her defense, she isn't that ugly, I just don't rank her very highly on the list of good looks. For the record, I'm sure that despite some similarities to her husband, Sarah wouldn't think much of my looks either. And no, Honey, I don't want SJP to cook me a meatloaf.

What a Day!