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In fact, especially if no one else agrees with him


I just drove through an intersection (making a right turn) where a police officer was directing traffic. Only he wasn't directing anything, he was just standing in front of his car watching vehicles come from one street and turn down the other (the movement was from oncoming traffic to my left so I wasn't impacted by his presence or the line of cars). As I made the turn, I realized that the line of cars was a funeral procession. What I'm wondering is, was I out of line in continuing my drive? I don't know if it is JUST a Southern thing, but I do know based on my experience it is mostly a Southern thing to stop for a funeral procession. What do you think, should I have stopped and waited or since I was not along the route was I not obligated to stop?

Do you stop for funerals where you live? Do you stop even though no one else does? Please, comment.


Yes, I am in the Deep South (Picayune, Mississippi) so I could tell it was a funeral procession because all the tractors had their headlights on.


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