Byrdmouse is a devoted husband and father that says what's on his mind even if no one else agrees with him.

In fact, especially if no one else agrees with him


How often do our children see us floss? I'm betting it's rarely. Mostly I suspect it's rare because we don't floss as often as we should, but even brushing our teeth is something we probably do at a time that our children are doing something else. In my case, sleeping since I do it early in the morning. Even still, I don't floss as often as I could. Once I Asked my old dentist if he flossed. His response was that he always flossed--before his own dental appointments. Ever since I have rested easy knowing that I floss more than my dentist. But still not in front of my children very often.

Our children imitate what we do. Whether they want to admit it or not. They do the things we do, because we train them that way. Yet we still don't tend to show them our own oral hygiene practices. We do, however, get annoyed when the dentist tells us what the needed repairs will cost for braces, fillings, and other work.

Now, go back and substitute pray and read the bible for flossing or teeth brushing.


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