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Don't Bogart that Service

Merry Christmas and Bah Humbug to you and yours. Typically speaking today (when it falls on a Sunday) and Easter are my 2 favorite days to backslide. It is a guilt free day to miss church because there are so many people that show up on only those 2 days that everyone who might look for you just figures that you were there and they missed you because there were so many other people. But today is different.

Today we have a joint service with both out contemporary and traditional services meeting in one place, the MPR (Baptist for gym). Now all the people who voted to table my motion to buy new chairs for the MPR (third motion in two years) will have to sit in those chairs. Typically I sit on the floor (unless Ginger is with me) but still, this is my karmic Christmas present. Merry Christmas!

And for those who are counting, while Faith's White Christmas streak has ended at 1, precipitation on Christmas is still 2 for 2. Happy 2nd Christmas, Doodlebug! ~~~~~~~~


And for the record I'd get a comfy chair for anyone needs and asked. Standing offer, pun intended. 

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