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Corinthians Trek

Recently I was reading II Corinthians and thinking that while both books are good, I liked the second one better than the first. Those that know me, however, know that that is way too easy a thought for me to have.

Some time back my preacher was explaining that I Corinthians was the second letter Paul wrote, and II Corinthians was the fourth. I used organic Google to recal this, then verified with him that was what he said several years ago. Presumably, we don't read the first or the third because they weren't memorable. For the record, I say that if they're lost, then they weren't memorable enough to save. In that regard, Corinthians is like Star Trek movies--only the even-numbered ones were worth anything.

Following with that argument: Star Trek II was a great movie with heavy overtones of Moby Dick; and Star Trek IV actually featured 2 whales. Star Trek IV (in my opinion) was twice as good. I must be a whale connosieur (see also allegorical novella of Jonah when subscribed to my blog posts). Further, it stands to reason since I like Star Trek IV better than Star Trek II and II Corinthians better than I Corinthians.

A side matter of note is that both Star Treks II and IV had fewer atheistic overtones that are prevalent in some of Gene Rodenberry's other movies such as Star Treks I, III, and V.