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Coal Into Newcastle

As I type this post I have brought coal into Newcastle. I came to the library to wait on a phone call for about an hour. I decided I'd try to catch up on a few things (because I do not have anything resembling down time) like some of my reading. I haven't finished On Writing, and have added to my "I'm going to carry this around until I read it" list And Another Thing, the sixth book of the trilogy by Douglas Adams written by Eoin Colfer (of Artemis Fowl fame). Eoin has been channeling Douglas so far as I've read (about 10 pages) so it is enjoyable. However, the book I've decided to read while waiting is Jeff Goins's You Are A Writer.

This gives me the added odd feature of bringing not only books into the library but an eBook into the library. Who can resist the irony there. With so many predicting the eBook industry bringing an end to the traditional print book world I couldn't resist.

Jeff's eBook was just released (by the time I post this blog) last week. It is a wonderfully easy read that I'll be putting a complete review of soon. It also has been an Amazon Bestseller so far, too.

Some people bring coal into Newcastle week after week. My former church has this happen as an example. Many on-fire Christians come in for Sunday School, services, or both every week (or twice a week, or even three times a week) to get re-charged. Others come in and leave with the same coal-free existence they had. The fire can spread from one piece to another, yet so often fails to do so. Those who bring in coal every week take more home than they came with. Some of us coal-carriers hope that more people walk out with coal than those that walked in.

The wonderful thing about the church's coal is that it doesn't matter how much we take out, there's always enough to go around and there's always more.

And another thing, Dr. T never got mad at me when I tried to hit other people in the church with His coal.


PS I took more coal out of the library, too. I checked out one of CS Lewis's greatest books The Great Divorce because I need a bolster to my faith since my self-imposed exile from church.

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