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Blue Moon

Is it appropriate that I write again after a Blue Moon since it seems my blogging has become a once in a Blue Moon event? Perhaps. Time will tell if I have truly moved from the funk that has caused my less than timely writing. This is the first weekend since moving that I will be able to stay put three Sundays in a row. While I imagined the time away from my family would give me time to write, that was not the case. My split-personality life got much worse before it got better. Well, it may be better, time will tell on that one, too.

There is one thing that I do want to say before hope to resume my writing. There is a blogger I follow, Jon Stolpe, who not only continued to blog throughout the summer, but each week he includes my name in his Twitter list of Follow Friday names. Jon, a fellow engineer, hasn't given up on the thought that I would continue to blog. While I don't do Follow Fridays on Twitter, if I ever start his name will be on the top of my list. Check out his blog, Stretched, at and I hope to see you all again, real soon.




Under the Cherry Moon