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Blast Waves


More on Lance Corporal Jeffrey Knight:

Jeffrey is doing well considering where he is and what he's going through. He has finally had his legs closed and is anxious to get his prosthetic legs. He still has not seen his left hand yet. He got into a wheelchair a few days ago and the next day got an electric one so he could move himself around. He still has surgery nearly every day but they have figured out which drug was causing him hallucinations and other problems.

When the incident occurred, he was clearing a knoll of IEDs and just didn't feel right. He went back for some C4 to just blow the hill, and had it in his left hand. When he got to the spot he wanted, his metal detector went off and he knew he had stepped on the device. It threw him back and he landed on his back. When he went to stand, he couldn't and knew he had lost his legs. They train Marines nowadays that if they get caught like this they will probably lose their legs, but they have tourniquet kits on the side. They have one and a half minutes to get it on before they bleed out. Jeffrey reached for his, and it had been blown away by the blast. It took his comrades three minutes to get his tourniquets on.

As I initially suspected, Jeffrey was relieved to know that he was the only one who got injured in his squad and that no one died. He is very excited about his recovery. It's a long road yet, but all things considered, it could be tougher.

Many people would look at this situation and say why. They would question how a loving God could allow something so tragic to happen. What I know about it is that Jeffrey has been receiving a good  number of prayers, and they are working. He may never have his legs back, but he is right where God wants him to be.

Oftentimes we think of our children and say that we would do anything for them, especially if they were in a life threatening situation. Think about God, though. He not only would do anything for his children, He CAN do anything for His children. There is nothing that can stop Him from saving anyone he wants. And yet He allowed His son, Jesus, to die. The only being capable of stopping it, and yet He did not. He did not stop the crucifixion of Jesus and allowed him to die because that is what it took for us to be able to live.

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