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Best of the Month for June

Each week I think I'll get ahead with a post or two, saving them for later days in the week. With few exceptions, I just post when done. This especially occurs on the weekends. Sometimes the ideas come, but for the most part when I get started I hammer them out to the end and post. Makes it real hard to get ahead in my blogging. I started this blog three months ago, but only had a week or so in the first month. In May I posted more often, but not with a good deal of regularity. June, however, was a month of regular posts. Originally I had planned on posting about my favorite posts of the last month on the last day of the month and the most popular posts based on views on the first of the month, but the news that led to the post of 28 June, Blast from Afar, preempted my plans. So instead, this will be a post for both. the ones I'm the proudest of, the ones that if you were only going to read one (or two) I would want you to read.

Freedom stands out in my mind as a post I am most proud of. In fact, I was secretly rooting for it to be the number one read post. Ticket to Where is another I'm fond of, though I think it needs some tweaking still. If I can get it where I really like I intend to add it as a page, it just seems to have the topic I'm hoping for on this blog. While I love just about every post I made I decided to only select three favorites, the coveted last one picked is Blast from Afar. It's the message included in it that I hope others see, read and dwell on later.

The post I am most disappointed in is yesterday's Author C. Clarke post. Yes, it was a pun I deliberately did; no, it was not particularly funny, but Arthur's dead he can't complain. This is disappointing, but not surprising as it was more content for me than for my readers. Perhaps as my skills and audience grow it will be read more to see where I'm coming from. 

Overall, the website that sent the most people to my blog was Michael Hyatt's Intentional Leadership which to me seems very appropriate as he was the main stimulus for me creating this blog in the first place. I continue to monitor the increase in my traffic based on my comments to his posts. Second most was a new friend and new blogger Brent's Course Adjustments I can't remember Brent's last name. We "met" on Michael's website and are sharing in the eye-opening experience of beginning blogging.

Judas was a Judas Before Judas Meant Judas was a surprise hit to me. Partially because it got stuck in my WordPress app on my iPhone and I accidentally reposted it later in the month. It came in at number 4 right behind Abnormally Normal, they were both about 25% fewer hits than the top two Freedom and Blog Like a Boat. Blog like a Boat also came in with the most comments for the most, followed by Specks and Beams. Overall, 61% of my views were in the month of June, so I'm progressing nicely in that regard.

Rest assured, I will overanalyze the stats and come to some conclusion about why each was what it was. All will be done in an attempt to improve the posts and this blog. Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll be back.

Finally Made It!

Author C. Clarke