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balanced photo?
balanced photo?

Balance is many things. It is the start of a book, play, or movie. That thing that is interrupted and strove for during the plot until it, or a new balance, is reached in the denouement. Balance to the Force was a wonderful duplication of the strive for balance, yet it came in a manner that few anticipated. Said Balance only being achieved by eliminating the majority of the users of the Force, almost a matter of swinging the pendulum too far to the other side. However, I've digressed into a Star Wars discussion. Balance is what it takes to remain on a balance beam, to measure weights, or to have the correct mix of things in your life.

Balance is not just the most underrated Van Halen album (See also Austin Carty's blog from last week of all time. It is followed closely behind by the dark Fair Warning, but don't say I didn't warn you (and for those naysayers, Van Halen III was not underrated, it was correctly rated). But again I digress.

Perhaps what I need is not a nap, but a balance. I took the post's metaphors too far swinging my own Balance pendulum to far. A little writing for me, a little writing for you. I don't know what the right amount is. Not too much, not too little. In some ways it is like church. No one wants too much, no one wants too little. Each of us has the right amount, whether we get the right amount or not is a different matter. Each of us personally have the right amount of church, not too much, not too little. Getting the wrong amount can sour us on the experience. Or cause us to go off the deep end. Jim Jones probably had too much, Mark Applewhite too much, Francisco Franco too little, Carl Sagan had billions and billions too little. But then there's the matter of quality in addition to quantity.

I had a phone conversation today and at one point we were talking about how some people give the rest of Christians a bad name because of how they act. In intolerant, non loving moods, they set up the rest for failure. It isn't as bad as lawyers, where 99% of them give the rest of them a bad name, but what is the right number? How many people are un-Christ-like Christians and yet profess to be, and give the rest a bad name? I theorize that it is a higher number than we might like.



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