Byrdmouse is a devoted husband and father that says what's on his mind even if no one else agrees with him.

In fact, especially if no one else agrees with him

Abnormally Normal

Douglas Adams once shared an anecdote about a cab driver. Said driver always saw people in movies and on television getting into a cab and yelling, "Follow that cab!" Having never had anyone jump in his cab in over 20 years of driving convinced him that he was that cab. Mike Warnke once shared that weirdness is a relative state. For proof he offered first a view of his relatives, then that weird is only weird around normal people. A normal person hanging out with a group of weird people would be weird while the rest would be normal.

Two seemingly un-connectable concepts, but I will now show the connection. On the radio I heard someone discussing adult ADHD and saying that more and more people are being diagnosed with disorders and as a result the group of normal people is shrinking. More and more people are getting pills for things that previously we, or our parents, have just taken for granted. I don't take medicine, even most prescriptions my doctor gives me. I haven't seen a psychologist or psychiatrist and just suck up feelings of inadequacy, fear and doubts.

As the "normal" pool shrinks, I come to realize, I am that guy. I am a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, non-smoking, male with multiple pieces of parchment from institutions of higher learning. I see patterns and love circuitous stories, I am strongly devoted to my Lord, my wife, my family, my country and my job. No one has ever accused me of being "right" or of being "all there". Someone a few weeks back said they wished they could be in my head for just a few minutes. I replied that there are times I don't even want to be there.

If I am "normal" we're all in trouble. Hop on the bus with me. Be that person with me. Let's change the norm back.


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