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In fact, especially if no one else agrees with him

A Year without Posting

I knew that something was wrong. Something was missing. Something wasn't right. I tried to fix it, and failed. I decided I'd try again in a few days, when things slowed down. They haven't, I didn't. Finally in frustration I asked for help.

The response I got wasn't helpful at all. I tried to follow the instructions but to no avail. So I decided to try again: in a few days, when things slowed down. They haven't. They didn't. In frustration I asked for help again.

The problem was the same, the response was different. This time they removed the block and everything works.

Except of course that I discovered I haven't posted in over a year. A very good reason for that is that I stopped writing. Again. For a writer, that is not good. Mostly because that makes you not a writer.

My last post was 11 Jun 2014, 9 days past my self proclaimed year without wearing a tie. My last bit of writing was 11 Jun 2014. I even stopped keeping track of the airplane flights I was taking (I think I ended up spending close to 6 days in the air over the course of 16 months).

Is that about to change? Maybe, maybe not. I need things to slow down first.

Where do we go from here