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A Town in Rhode Island

Last week about this time I experienced a particularly vivid demonstration of the fact that Providence is at constant work in my life. Chief among these acts were a series of completely unrelated and yet inexorably intertwined events that shaped more than just the course of my week. Taken separately they appear to be simply anecdotal events of the kind that a personal blogger would share about. While I tell them separately, they are not simple anecdotal examples but symbolize a greater presence. Rather then inundate you with the complete story in one post I have broken it into several posts, but check back to see how the story unfolds. It is simply amazing (and if I were a better webmaster I would link Simply Amazing to this sentence because like the story, the song will stick with you). Last week, I received a call from my wife who presented an issue that while I couldn't fix by being present made me want to need to be present. Being 300 miles away as my split-personality life has me during the week was not the answer, but it also made it hard to find a reason to be able to leave to be at home. There were some items that I needed to take care of that could only be taken care of in the office. There were several I could do outside the office, but only if I did some other parts in the office first.

Within about a half hour of the call, I received an email that I had been expecting the week before. Had I received it as late at 18 hours earlier I would have forgone the drive to the Mississippi Coast and stayed on the lake because the email instructed me to go to Huntsville the next day. At that point, I had my justification to adjust fires to set up the things I needed to accomplish in order to work remotely, be at home for my family, make a doctor's appointment I had made before my split-personality life began, as well as to attend the Men's Prayer Breakfast at church that I used to faithfully attend every week before going to work for my present employer. While on the way home I got an email that the Building and Grounds Committee at church needed a special called meeting to address the matter of chairs that I have brought up in our Business Meeting for the last 3 years (see also previous post describing my Karmic Christmas Present, bonus munchies points if you get the title). This is a matter that will come back quicker than even I imagined. As I got further down the road, I had a call to set up an appointment dealing with the pending placement of the Byrdhouse onto the market (followed by a second such appointment the next day). In other words, there were a good number of things I needed to be at home for, and now I would be.

The Seredipitous Hand of Providence mixed with Karma again brings me to be exactly where I need to be.

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Home tends to be a relative term as I have a house (where I stay during the week), a home (where my heart and my girls are), and a home away from home (my vehicle). And for the record, impossible is a synonym for unimaginative and the words Karma, Serendipity, and Providence are interchangeable in my book. They are all symbols of the same touch of God's hand.


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