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Old Joke with a New Punchline

So I have this joke I've been telling for 26 years, borrowed it from Saturday Night Live back when Joe Piscopo, Billy What's-his-name and that Eddie guy were on it. I've been re-telling it consistently ever since. When Moses came down from the mountain and threw down the tablets, he was embarrassed and didn't want to go back and ask God for them again. So, he tried to remember them and write them over. All he could get were the negative ones, thou shall not, do not, etc. Commandment number 11 was actually "It's okay to eat chicken and pork chops with your fingers." Number 12 was "You have to wait 30 minutes after you eat before you go swimming." It wasn't Mom that came up with that one, just so you know. Number 13 was "Whistle while you work." A lot of people try to credit Disney with that one, but it was a God original first.

Here's why I mention it right now. In 26 years of telling it only 2 people have ever made the comment I'm about to share. The even stranger bit is that these 2 people, who did not know each other and have never met both made the comment within 3 months of each other. Does that mean it's time to stop telling the joke?

Anyway, in over two and a half decades of telling the joke, only two people have ever asked me why God would give the Israelites instructions on how to eat pork.



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