I don't think anyone has found this link yet, and I"m not even 100% sure I have it working right. The following is a work in progress. I have copied it from my Scrivener file so some spots include some notes for me--in other words, it is very rough in spots. It really builds up without a conclusion because I haven't finished that yet. 

Generally speaking, the book consists of four different methods of faster than light travel which correspond to the four main religions as discussed by C.S. Lewis in his essay Christian Apologetics. There are two main branches, the thick and the thin. On the thin line is Humanism and its opposite Buddhism. The thick line consists of Christianity and its opposite Islam. In my story these are represented by different methodologies some of which are explained in more detail, others are revealed rather than explained but the intent is not technical in nature it is just semi-hard science fiction.

Some of the parts of the story allude to things included in my allegory, If, which is also available on this website. Unlike PON, If is completed but as a novella length work I feared it was not something a traditional publisher would take on so I tried to create a novel length story to gain some interest for it later.

I welcome any comments, even if it's just about the way I have this work currently displayed. I'm still learning how to use my website more effectively.