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The Third Door

I'm still working on re-doing my webpage, and I don't even know if the auto poster works at all yet, but I have read a fantastic book I want to share a review for. It is called The Third Door by Alex Banayan. I first heard Alex Banayan’s voice on Big Questions with Cal Fussman, a podcast and thought it was just another interview. Not far into that interview I realized it was so much more than that. Alex had written a book. Not just any book, The Third Door. Not very far into the podcast I decided I had to buy this book. By the end of the podcast I could not wait to get out of the car and pre-order the book. When I was offered a chance to read a galley copy I jumped on it. 

When the copy arrived I knew it would be difficult to find time to read, but I opened it and started. Then I couldn’t put it down. So I didn’t. Cover to cover I read every word without stopping. Alex’s incredible journey to make this book was as fascinating as the interviews he made to write the book. 

The gems in this book kept on coming. Like proverbs for the modern age. In so many ways the story reverberated with things I have found over the course of my own life. Except I didn’t learn them from Jessica Alba or Quincy Jones. I may have Spielberged my way into more than one place, but I never Spielberged into Spielberg. But the story, and the lessons, didn’t stop there. Alex took the third door to the mysteries of life and how to be successful.

There are so many nuggets throughout the book it is amazing. So what is the secret? Well, what works for one person may not work for another. Maybe not even for anyone else but it still works and there are lessons to be learned. Tim may do it one way, Elliott another, Larry still a third way, Cal may do it with a grandma’s best goulash recipe but at the end of the day, and the end of the book, there’s a way for you, too. 

Kiss more frogs, get a bigger pipeline, don’t just wonder, make it happen. The secret is in the book. But you have to read it to find it.


It releases in a few days, but until then you can preorder it on Amazon by clicking here.

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