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Back up

After what seems like forever I have rescued my blog from the well entrenched grips of malware. As a part of the cleaning and fixing I am deleting a lot of subscribers because I suspect that one or more of them are the reason for the malware limbo that my website has lived in for way too long. As I struggle to become more technically savvy to keep this from happening again I haven't yet figured out how to just send an email to subscribers but I think making a post will let people know, and those that are actual subscribers and not just weird automated malware providers will see this. I am not deleting everyone, though of the 50 or so names I've deleted so far I haven't recognized any. If I accidentally delete you I'm apologizing in advance and asking you to re-subscribe. As a point of reference, I'll try to finish this and post something new by 11 May.

So look for another post from me before next Friday and if you don't see one, check back at Thanks for your patience and understanding and we'll talk again real soon.

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