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In fact, especially if no one else agrees with him

Untitled Posts Get Lost for Sure

My webpage is an absolute hot mess. Some pages still aren't working right, most of the old links aren't working. I'm not sure the font is visible, there isn't a picture to be seen (and what's more exciting than text after text?), and at the end of it ll I seem to be a rambling author who occasionally has flashes of brilliance that are true nuggets surrounding by dross.

In fixing this pile I am also re-reading some of the posts I put up previously. Including one where I first landed in Germany. My understanding of the country makes some of my earlier observations much more clear. The only thing that seems really wrong is my thought about the Frankfurt Airport. Although even that has a hint that leads to my current observations about it. 

Two of the posts I want to point out are Fifteen  and New Ixeveh. I have no idea if my new Squarespace hosted site will post to social media like my Wordpress site did. I haven't figured out how (or if) comments work on here, but if anyone actually reads this or those other two posts I would appreciate some feedback. A shameless plug for self-validation? Perhaps. 

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time, they just don't get as fat as the rest of the squirrels. Maybe I'm pissing in the wind but it still entertains me. Do either of these comments connect with the rest of the post in anyone's mind but mind?

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