My middle daughter told me that my about page was too long. She said people are only interested in 2 paragraphs. I'll come back later and work on that.

I am a typical arrogant American by birth and Southern by the Grace of God, except that I chose to see the USA from outside the boundaries of our great country because I knew it would look different. Oh boy! I've lived outside the USA now for close to 3 years learning a lot about other cultures, lives, traditions, histories, oh man the food, but also a great perspective back on my homeland. I still have the same values, thoughts, and aspirations I had but now I've seen that Twain was right, travel is fatal to prejudice. The more I see of this giant planet on which we live the smaller it becomes.

My hobbies include writing, especially literary fiction, but even that takes a back seat to my wife and three daughters. They don't mean the world to me, they are the world. I hope you see something that makes you think, or that you agree with, or that you disagree with. Together we can talk, discuss, debate, argue, and grow. Thanks for visiting and not telling Lizi I busted the 2 paragraph limit.