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Last week I surprised my whole family (except my Dad and sister who picked me up at the airport) by arriving home for an R&R Trip two days before I told them I'd be here. Have you any idea how hard it is to execute a surprise from 7,500 miles away? Not easy at all. When I got home and remembered we're Baptists, I rushed over to church where I proceeded to not find anyone except my youngest. When I enlisted the help of some others at church in short order I found them all. So at the end of my 30 plus hour trip there was a pleasant surprise for them and a relief that I was able to surprise them.

But that isn't the complete topic of this post.

As soon as I landed, I realized that people in the US still use such silly, archaic things as days of the week. For almost three months it hasn't really mattered what day of the week it was and even then, what day it was became a matter of subjectivity. With Friday as our 4 hour day, Friday is the weekend. This makes Thursday night, Friday night. Then, Saturday becomes Monday. The question I've most asked is, "What is today, Sunday?" Not very funny on Sunday, but cracks me up the rest of the week.

So, a return to worrying about what day of the week it is was a surprise, but again, not the complete topic of this post.

On a day I want to call yesterday (but was probably two days ago), I saw a post on Facebook that caught me off guard. As a few of you know, my blog underwent two rather distinct changes recently. First, it changed from being The Hole on the End of the Bible Belt when I moved to Afghanistan, then not long after the layout, function, and overall layout changed drastically.

This second drastic change was a direct result of me throwing my hands in the air and requesting the help of a professional, my cousin Edee (notice how I didn't say older cousin Edee, it doesn't bother me that there is such a large age difference between us with me being much younger).

One of the most important things, to me, that needed fixing was the page that allows for a download of my allegorical novella for subscribers. She easily fixed that and went on to re-vamp everything. The only thing she failed to add was an ad for her services.

So, back to month before last (or two days ago or whenever), Edee posted about some of her clients of which I am one. Since you already know about me, take this opportunity to get to know her and/or some of her other clients. You can also thank her for making this site a lot less difficult to navigate.

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