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Rolexes, Carpets, and Scarves; Oh My!

So in my last post I mentioned a story about how Super Watch cost less than a Rolex. An odd statement (unless you know me I suppose). Lots of things cost less than a Rolex. I've bought many cars that were less than the cost of a Rolex. In fact, I've bought many cars for the price of a Rolex. Super Watch cost 20 bucks.

My first trip to the Bazaar in Camp Stone was an informational jaunt. My second trip was a fact gathering mission. The third time I bought a bunch of stuff to send home for when I arrived to give as gifts--among them Rolexes.

On trip two, I was perusing the wares. While our bazaar is a bit of an open-air mall, it is also closed in. Weird that it has a gravel floor, but it is Afghanistan. The vendors hang out on the "exterior" of their stores until a customer comes up, then they follow you inside and start haggling over quality and prices. Even in that exterior area, there are other vendor's wares. It is an experience all on its own.

As I looked over some carpets and scarves I asked the proprietor where they were made. When he told me India I asked if he had anything made in Herat. He did not.

Walking on around to the next shop, the owner, who had heard my question followed me in and said, "Here's something made in Herat." Excited I looked to see what he had grabbed and handed to me. It was a beautiful Rolex.

It looked like a Rolex, felt like a Rolex, it even moved like a Rolex. It has scratch-resistant glass, hefty weight, gaudy size, nice band, it is a pretty nice watch all on its own. I didn't have any money this time, but the guy kept coming down on his price anyway as we haggled. It didn't feel right to say I was Jewing him down, but that ethnically insensitive term was exactly what I was thinking.

Fast forward to Trip Three. I went to Tawab, the guy Marlon-jon told me I needed to see. I picked out a nice Rolex for my mother-in-law and one similar to the one I had looked at before. Then Tawab threw in one for free. Who wouldn't want to say they bought 2 Rolexes and got one for free? The quality of these was not quite the quality of the one I saw on Trip Two, but the price was less than that one as well. Still, all things considered, I factored the price three ways and paid about 30 bucks per watch.

Not a Super Watch, but a Super Priced Watch.


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