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New Adventure

Well, by now I imagine most of you have come to expect infrequent posting by me. I have to admit that I have become to expect that myself. I'm not sure where the time has gone to, but I no longer have been able to eek out time to write anything. That may or may not be about to change.

For a long time I kept track of how many times I left the Confederate States. I even considered my time in Oklahoma as time in the South because it was considered (by the Confederates) a Confederate Territory (as was AZ and NM). However, somewhere around the time I moved to Washington State the first time I quit counting trips out of the CSA. After the second move to WA I definitely quit counting and only considered my time in the US. I made two trips to British Columbia in the early to mid nineties and that is the sum total of my travels abroad--until tomorrow.

Within about a day, I will be boarding my first 777 for my first 13 hour plane trip. First stop will be to visit an old friend then I will get an aerial tour with at least three stops to cover the width and breadth of a country that most will never get to see. While most of you thought I was going to a third world country when my job transferred me to Mississippi, that is nothing compared to where I'll be.

I am scheduled to be working in Afghanistan for the next year. In conjunction with this and my infrequent blogging I am planning to rename this blog. It wouldn't be right to be The Hole on the End of the Bile Belt if I am going to be 7,000 miles from the buckle. More on this as it unfolds. Meanwhile, if you want to catch me before I leave you have about a day left.

More soon.


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