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Bad Navigation

When I say "today" it's a relative term. I honestly couldn't tell you the day of the week or the date without really thinking about it. But, "today" is supposed to be Columbus Day when we celebrate bad navigating. The beautiful part of it all is that in Afghanistan we don't celebrate it by taking off work. We work and get paid Holiday pay. Of course, to save money, they pay us for our holiday on Sunday so they don't have to pay us Sunday Premium. So instead of getting paid for a holiday on Monday, we're paid for it on Sunday, but being 8.5 to 11.5 hours ahead of the rest of the country that means that get paid for our holiday before Sunday in the States.

Columbus, who didn't know where he landed, is celebrated by people, who don't know what day it is, on a day that doesn't match up with the day that people on the land Columbus didn't know he found.

Why does this make perfect sense to me?



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