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I still strive to include my faith in all that I do, especially my writing. When I’m not writing, I am a husband, father to 3 girls, and a civil engineer.

Some folk march to the sound of a different drummer, I skip to the sound of a separate symphony. I'm comfortable in a tie. However, I have left behind the comfortable clothes and atmosphere that has become my world and stepped into another phase.

A Year Without Wearing a Tie has begun.

Best Birthday Present Ever

A lot of people have been re-sharing their stories about Hurricane Katrina on her 10th anniversary but mine is a little different. The post below is one I did four years ago updated a bit but only the years have changed. Ten years ago last Saturday I lost contact with all but one of the family I had in the middle of Hurricane Katrina. My Dad, Mom, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, there are too many to count. Predominantly they were in Biloxi, a few in Ocean Springs, one as far away as Diamondhead (near where the eye passed), but brackish blood runs through the Byrd veins. The unwritten rules of hurricanes seem strange to most uninitiated. Cutting the grass the day before it hits, having an ax in your attic, calling everyone you know after « Continue »

Where do we go from here

It has been a very long time since I wrote anything other than something for work. Odd for me, definitely different. As I review my old writings I’ve re-read some of the notes I used as posts while still in Afghanistan. I started from the bottom up so to re-post them now would be odd […]


A Year without Posting

I knew that something was wrong. Something was missing. Something wasn’t right. I tried to fix it, and failed. I decided I’d try again in a few days, when things slowed down. They haven’t, I didn’t. Finally in frustration I asked for help. The response I got wasn’t helpful at all. I tried to follow […]



Occasionally on social media I have seen people who rail about how people are quick to mention Miley’s latest panty-free night on the town or Hilary’s claim that her tumor told her to run for President or even that the most popular current Republican found a way to cut taxes for his best friend’s company […]


A Really Big Cup of Tea

In a recent conversation with a friend I was asked the question of what I think about the Republican Party attempting to take out the Tea Party. Then later I watched a short video of a Doctor Who/Rocky Horror Picture Show Parody. What do these things have in common with the description of how the […]