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I still strive to include my faith in all that I do, especially my writing. When I’m not writing, I am a husband, father to 3 girls, and a civil engineer.

Some folk march to the sound of a different drummer, I skip to the sound of a separate symphony. I'm comfortable in a tie. However, I have left behind the comfortable clothes and atmosphere that has become my world and stepped into another phase.

A Year Without Wearing a Tie has begun.

A Year without Posting

I knew that something was wrong. Something was missing. Something wasn't right. I tried to fix it, and failed. I decided I'd try again in a few days, when things slowed down. They haven't, I didn't. Finally in frustration I asked for help. The response I got wasn't helpful at all. I tried to follow the instructions but to no avail. So I decided to try again: in a few days, when things slowed down. They haven't. They didn't. In frustration I asked for help again. The problem was the same, the response was different. This time they removed the block and everything works. Except of course that I discovered I haven't posted in over a year. A very good reason for that is that I stopped writing. Again. For a writer, that is not good. « Continue »


Occasionally on social media I have seen people who rail about how people are quick to mention Miley’s latest panty-free night on the town or Hilary’s claim that her tumor told her to run for President or even that the most popular current Republican found a way to cut taxes for his best friend’s company […]


A Really Big Cup of Tea

In a recent conversation with a friend I was asked the question of what I think about the Republican Party attempting to take out the Tea Party. Then later I watched a short video of a Doctor Who/Rocky Horror Picture Show Parody. What do these things have in common with the description of how the […]


Seventeen Years of Daily Pain

It may have been there all along. Festering like a half-eaten Twinkie in an open wrapper dropped behind the counter on the way out the door for a month-long vacation. But the last month-long vacation I had was in 1996. When it all really started. For years I hated it. So badly I wouldn’t wish […]


Did He Stutter?

While I haven’t watched much television over the course of the last year, one of my favorite shows of all to watch is Modern Family. My kids think I’m Phil Dunphy, funny enough I think they’re the Dunphy kids, and my wife is hotter than Claire (and now blonde, too). For the longest time I […]